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Childrens favours are becoming more and more popular and provide a fantastic way to personalise the birthday party, christening or social event. The great thing about giving favours is that they are not expected by the children and so they are always well received. It also allows children to feel part of the occasion and special.

When thinking of childrens favours consider the party you are having and how easy it will be to give out favours amidst the noise and chaos of a childrens party. You want a favour that is small, not fragile and not going to spoil in the heat of the occasion. You also need to consider children’s allergies with more and more nuts, dairy and wheat allergies being present in kids today.

Luckily at our childrens favours fit the bill with a known list of ingredients familiar to parents. Our favours are also non perishable and easy to carry making them great for busy children’s parties. Try a ‘for you gift box’ or a ‘one stop party box’ and let take the hassle out of your kid’s party.

With your favours delivered direct, that’s one less thing you have to worry about.

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