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If you are having a hen party, then you’re going to need a hen party pack with tricks and treats to make sure the bride-to-be’s night goes successfully. This is one of her last night’s of freedom after all!

Having a Hen Night for a bride-to-be dates back centuries but has become less formal over the years. A hen night compared to a bridal shower, which helps the bride acquire presents to help her with married life, is much more focused on friendship and social frivolity.

Many different kinds of entertainment can be selected for a hen night and are chosen by the organiser (usually the maid of honours at the wedding) to best please the special guest.

To enable a smooth and fun packed evening have created a ‘Hen Party Pack’ that can be easily bought online and quickly shipped to the organisers address.

The Love Heart Hen Party Pack comes in a lace-up box containing 50 rolls of Love Hearts and 50 personalised HEN NIGHT labels. To personalise your label just click on the ‘Personalise Me’ link and enter your message, these personalised labels can then be given out to party guests to mark the occasion.

Also included in the Hen Party Pack is 1 Necklace shot glass, 1 Bride-To-Be sash and 1 Garter Belt.

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