How to Order

Personalising a product

Many of our products can be personalised with your own message or photo/artwork.
When you add a product to your basket that can be personalised, our web site will help you achieve the results you want.

Here's an example:

Love Hearts Personalised Wedding Favours
Let’s personalise some of our great Wedding Favour Love Hearts.
Select your base template using this tool
Select your label design using the 'Personalised Label Design' drop down. This allows you to choose the artwork to use as the start of your design.
The Love Hearts personalisation tool

Now click on 'Personalise'!

Over your browser window will pop up our personalisation tool showing your chosen label design, which includes our artwork.

In the white rectangle you can write your special message, using the formatting toolbar above to change the size, font, colour and formatting (bold, italic etc) of your text.
You can also use the Left, Centre and Right justify buttons to move your text around in the label area.

Preview screen buttons
Once finished click on 'Preview' to see the results of your labour. If you're happy click 'Add to basket' as shown, or 'Edit' to make any desired changes.