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Old fashioned sweets are making a comeback with more and more people looking for the sweets they enjoyed as children. The flavour and smell or your favourite childhood sweet can transport you back to a simpler time when your only worry was what Christmas present to choose.

Swizzels Matlow is famous for their old fashioned sweets and makes many of the famous brands that you probably enjoyed during your school days. Here are some of you might remember:

Drumsticks – this is the UK largest selling lollipop brand and you can get your hands on them here

Lovehearts – the iconic sweets with a message on every sweet. Did you ever give an ‘I Love You’ Love Heart to anyone? There is no time like the present – you can find them here

Double Lollies – this is the oldest lolly in the UK today and is definitely an ‘old fashioned sweet’. Almost everyone has enjoyed one of these in their time. Perfect for a party and you can by them direct in bulk here.

Parma Violets – a true confectionary classic and on the shelves of every decent old fashioned sweet shop around the country. You can enjoy them again here.

Fizzers – that old classic that does indeed fizz in your mouth. Get them here

We have many more and why not look at all our old fashioned sweets here

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