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Whenever a group of people reminisces over their childhood, before long someone will mention their favourite sweets. Thus retro sweets are making a comeback with more and more people wanting to experience the delights of their childhood.

The taste, texture and smell of your cherished childhood sweet can take you to back to a simpler time when your only worry was what Birthday present to select.

Swizzles Matlow are world famous for their retro sweets and produce a lot of the most well known brands that you probably sampled during your school days. You might remember some of these classics

Drumsticks – a true retro lollipop and still the UK’s largest selling.

Lovehearts – one of the all time classics with a personal message on each sweet. Did you ever give a ‘Be Mine’ sweet to anyone? If not, then there’s still time.

Double Lollies – The UK’s oldest lolly and welcome in any box of retro sweets. These are great for a retro party.

Parma Violets – a true retro classic and party of every retro sweet bag. You can sample them again here.

Fizzers – the classic retro sweet that fizzes in the mouth.

If you are having a retro party with disco balls, crazy hairdos and scary clothing then why not add an old fashioned sweetie jar full of retro sweets.

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