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As favours become more and more popular people are looking for something that stands out and makes their special occasion memorable. Trying to find unique favours can be difficult when all your friends have already received so many gifts at events.

Historically a favour was given at Weddings and called a bonbonniere, these were always unique favours because they were hand made by the host’s kitchen. These days unfortunately we do not have our own horde of servants to make our wedding favours!

Today favours aren’t just given at Weddings. Because they offer a great way to add that special extra touch to an occasion they are also popularly given at events such as Christenings, birthdays and wedding anniversary celebrations.

To create unique favours for your event or social occasion the best way is to personalise favours with a special message from the host to the guest. By making the favours relevant to the occasion they become unique and much more memorable. Just a simple message of love and thanks goes a long way to bring a little magic to your special day. offers a fantastic service to personalise many of the products online, simply choose the product you want to buy and click on the ‘personalise me’ button. Once your message is entered and your order complete will deliver your unique favours direct to your door.

With your favours delivered direct, that’s one less thing you have to worry about.

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