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What can you give your wedding guests as a favour to add a little magic and personality to your wedding? A wedding favour allows you to communicate to each guest your love and thanks in return for their presence on your big day.

A Unique wedding favour should be unique to you and say something special about the bride and groom. Perhaps you have a theme for your wedding that could be extended to the favours, whatever it is try using your wedding favours to make guests feel part of the occasion.

The first unique wedding favour was the bonbonniere presented to guests of high society weddings of the royal family and European aristocrats. These bonbonnieres consisted of a beautiful box with exquisite confectionary inside each one. Today all sort of wedding favours are given to guests, but confectionary is still the most popular choice.

At it is easy to create a unique wedding favour as you can personalise our favours with your own message. Giving guests something personal to read about the bride and groom is a great ice breaker for your guests to talk about.

To create your message think about how you met your bride or husband to be and try see if there is anything you can tell people about your love for each other. Perhaps you have a favourite song or quote to put on your favours. You could even take a line or two from your wedding service to tie the Wedding service seamlessly into the reception. offers a fantastic service to personalise many of the products online, simply choose the product you want to buy and click on the ‘personalise me’ button. Once your message is entered and your order complete will deliver your unique favours direct to your door.

With your favours delivered direct, that’s one less thing you have to worry about.

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