How did Swizzels.com/Shop come about?

About UsShop.lovehearts.com can trace its history way back - before computers were invented, let alone the internet!  We need to reach far back into the last millennium, to see how Swizzels Matlow, its parent company, started…

In 1928, Alfred and Maurice Matlow launched Matlow Bros. Ltd.  They made jelly sweets in a small factory in London.  In 1933 they joined forces with Swizzels Ltd., owned by David Dee.  Swizzels specialised in manufacturing fizzy sweets in compressed tablet form.  Swizzels & Matlow Bros. operated as two separate companies but shared factory space in East London.


Swizzels Old Van

 In 1940 Swizzels & Matlow Bros. were forced to relocate to New Mills, due to the constant battering of bombs during the Blitz of the Second World War.  They moved into a former textile mill where wicks for miners' lamps were once made.  The evacuation was originally intended as a temporary measure but we’ve never moved back!

Throughout our history we have always innovated and have launched a huge variety of sweets such as Rainbow Drops, Fizzers, Love Hearts, Double lollies, New Refreshers (they say original packaging had cartoons of children believed to be the Matlow family), the Drumstick lolly and most recently Squashies.  

Over all of these years, we have taken a pride in ensuring that our sweets have always tasted fantastic.  That remains the case, of course.  Maybe that’s the reason why we won the Queen's Award to Industry for Export Achievement, have been visited by the Late Diana Princess of Wales, had Love Hearts included in the Millennium Dome as an icon of the 20th century, and why we are today one of the biggest employers in the region.


That’s nice, but what about Swizzels.com/Shop?

Candy BuffetWith so much variety to choose from it made sense to go online so in 2001 when the internet was gaining traction, Swizzels Matlow launched www.forgetflowers.com allowing people to buy hampers and wedding favours.  That website was the forerunner to shop.lovehearts.com. 

Shop.lovehearts.com tries to bring a little fizz, sparkle, fairy dust and magic to everyday life, with personalised gifts, wedding favours and sweet-related corporate promotional ideas.  We pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service and our ethos remains the same as Swizzels, because we are one and the same - namely, to take pride in offering exciting, individual, stand-out gift and wedding ranges using our distinctive and tasty sweets that are known and loved the world over. 

Everything shop.lovehearts.com sells is manufactured on site in New Mills, Derbyshire.  It is also virtually all hand packed.  That way, we can be completely confident in the quality of what leaves us and reaches you.

Enjoy your gifts, because we’ve loved making them for you.