It’s no secret that there’s a huge craze for cake making and baking following the success and popularity of the BBC’s ‘Great British Bake Off’, and we’re not ashamed to admit that we’re big fans too!

In fact we like it so much, we wanted to produce some tasty Swizzels Matlow cakes to share with our trusty fans and customers!


All Aboard the Cake & Bake Express!

Over the past two months, we’ve been working closely with Manchester-based expert cake makers Hey Little Cupcake! to design and produce some of the most delicious, good-looking cakes in town!

After much planning and anticipation, we were thrilled to unveil our delicious range of Swizzels Matlow cakes at the hugely popular Manchester Cake & Bake show

We were particularly proud to see these old friends in delicious cake form!


Including some of our classic sweets in the recipe for each of the delightful cakes, the cakesmiths (we’re pretty sure that’s a word) at Hey Little Cupcake! used their knowhow and expertise to craft a colourful selection of mouth-watering cakes and cupcakes in a wide range of colours, sizes and flavours!


We were on-site to have a good look at our lovely display, and check out some of the other delicious cakes and pastries at the Cake & Bake show!



The Sweetest Display in Town

The splendid array of Swizzels Matlow fancies was a huge hit at the Manchester Cake & Bake Show; showing off a wide range of vibrant colours and delicious cake ideas like some kind of sugary peacock.

 Just look at this delectable range of tasty treats!


Hundreds of cake and bake enthusiasts flocked to “Oooh”, “Aaah” and “Woow” at the Hey Little Cupcake! stand, snapping up our Swizzels Matlow cake recipe cards and taking pictures of their own to show off at home!


Hey Little Cupcake got some extra interest along with the colourful cakes when a camera crew wandered into Cakeville!



A Recipe for Deliciousness...and Cakes

Because we love you, we’ve put together a collection of online recipe cards too! These handy pages break down the ingredients needed for each cake, and give you a simple step-by-step guide to making your very own Swizzels Matlow cakes! To see all our cake recipes CLICK HERE.

Here’s a snippet from our Love Hearts cake recipe card!


During the making of the Swizzels Matlow show cakes, we were invited into the Hey Little Cupcake! kitchens, where expert cakesmiths lovingly mixed, baked and dressed our vibrant and delectable range of spongy goodies to be shown off at the Manchester Cake and Bake show.


While we were there, we took a whole lot of pictures to ensure we can take a closer look at the making of these bundles of sweetness on our shiny new blog over the coming months!

We’ll be sharing tons of great content on the new Swizzels Matlow blog, starting with our stupendous ‘Making of’ series!  


Be sure to keep an eye open for our ‘behind the scenes’ cake baking blog posts, coming soon!

Keep it sweet folks!