The Making of the Swizzels Matlow Love Hearts Cake

As many of our fans and followers will know, we recently partnered up with cake makers extraordinaire ‘Hey Little Cupcake’ to produce some of the sweetest and most colourful cakes ever!

With help from their team of expert cake makers, we were able to produce a wide range of delicious cakes and cupcakes, each of which represented a different classic Swizzels Matlow sweet in flavour, colour and design!


In this post, we’ll be taking a ’behind the scenes’ look at the making of the stunning Swizzels Matlow Love Hearts Cake!

 Hey Little Cupcake open for business!


We spent a lot of time with the team at Hey Little Cupcake, (both in their delightfully vibrant tea room and in the rear area of their store where all of the secret recipes and magic ingredients are kept!) and took lots of great pictures to give you – our trusty visitors – look at the creation of the tasty Swizzels Matlow Love Hearts cake.

The spongy centre to the Love Hearts cake! 

 Sarah (proprietor of Hey Little Cupcake) showed us the spongy centre of our love-filled Love Hearts cake that she had baked before we arrived. Containing tasty vanilla flavours, this spongy foundation was the perfect mould to build on and decorate with delicious buttercream and Love Hearts!

Adam carefully decorated the cake 

We were also lucky enough to see a guest decorator help out with our cakes in the Hey Little Cupcakes kitchen. Cakemaster Adam (from Adam Cakes) used his mastery of all things sugary and expertise in cake decorating to expertly cover the cake in a tasty coating of buttercream, and then tentatively fit each individual Love Heart into place on the cake.

Hey Little Cupcake was packed with funny little curiosities 

All that cake decorating was a little tiring, so we took a short break to explore Hey Little Cupcake a little more and see what we could find around their store! As you can see, their quirky ‘cupcakery’ is certainly filled with plenty of vibrant and curious features!

After much anticipation, the finished products looked absolutely fantastic! 


After much delicate work the Love Hearts cake was finally complete, and the finished product looked simply stunning. With a great amount of detail and a recipe that ensures it would be mouth-wateringly tasty, Sarah, Adam and the Hey Little Cupcake team helped us bring to life the first of our amazing Swizzels Matlow cakes!


So there we have the first in our ‘Making of’ Swizzels Matlow cake posts; we hope you enjoyed following the first of our adventures with the Hey Little Cupcake team.


For a full list of Swizzels Matlow Cake recipes, check out this page for details, and be sure to check back again soon for more insider looks at the making of our delicious cakes!