Hello again trusty Swizzels Matlow fans and welcome to another behind the scenes peek at the making of a delicious Swizzels Matlow cake!


As many of you may know, we recently teamed up with Manchester-based cake makers ‘Hey Little Cupcake’ to create a range of delectable cakes and cupcakes using ingredients from our classic range of Swizzels Matlow sweets and treats!


This time we’ll be looking at the delightfully tasty and incredibly elegant Parma Violets cake!


Why Parma Violets?


Our famous Parma Violets are well-known for having a very unique and fragrant flavour as well as a distinct colour that millions of sweet fans are sure to recognise all over the UK.


It was this unique blend of colour and flavour that made the Parma Violeta definite selection for the range of cakes, and we knew by including these classic sweets in the cake recipe we could create something truly special!


The Making of the Cake


The Parma Violets cake was one of the first cakes made in the Hey Little Cupcake kitchen during our visit, and once the tasty spongy base of the cake was mixed, moulded and baked, the master cake decorators began adding a few special touches that transformed a simple sponge structure into a true Parma Violets masterpiece!



The Parma Violets cake has a gooey purple centre

Before the cake was dressed, we wanted to take a quick snapshot of the cake’s centre. There lies a spongy purple core that acts as the perfect centre point for a Swizzels Matlow cake; it was certainly Parma Violets through and through!



The first step is filling the space between the base and the roof with delicious buttercream

First, the space between the base and the roof of the cake was filled with delicious butter cream.



The sides re then iced with dark purple icing and dressed with Parma Violets

Then the sides of the cake were frosted with a sweet purple icing and dressed with Parma Violets; you can find the recipe for this tasty icing on the Parma Violets cake recipe post.

The roof of the cake is then decorated with elegant purple butter cream roses

Next, the cake makers applied the Parma Violets frosting to the roof of the cake, using a custom blend of tasty butter cream and crushed Parma Violets to ice elegant purple roses onto the top of the cake.



Red icing leaves are added to the roof to finish the cake perfectly

The cake is finished perfectly with some expertly crafted iced leaves!



So there we have another ‘behind the scenes’ look at one of our delightfully delicious Swizzels Matlow cakes. If you missed the cakes at the Manchester Cake & Bake Show and would like to make your very own Swizzels Matlow cakes, be sure to take a look at our full range of recipes by clicking here!