If you’ve been checking out our new blog recently, you’ll know that last month we worked closely with a fancy little cupcakery in Manchester by the name of ‘Hey Little Cupcake’ to produce a range of sweet and colourful Swizzels Matlow Cakes to show off at the Manchester Cake & Bake show.


After the baking and decorating of the cakes, we created a range of fantastic recipe cards to ensure our trusty readers can make their very own delicious Swizzels Matlow fancies at home!


In this post, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Hey Little Cupcake ‘cupcakery’ to see where all of that flavour and creativity comes from!


Our Visit to the Hey Little Cupcake Cafe




The Hey Little Cupcake store and bakery is certainly a bright and colourful little establishment; packed to the brim with all shades of pink, the cupcakery is sweet down to the very last detail!





Luckily we turned up early, and were able to catch a few nice shots before tons of locals turned up for a lunchtime cupcake and a cup of coffee (not to mention a glimpse of the dazzling Swizzels Matlow show cakes!).





The cafe has tons of delicious cakes on show and for sale; we tucked into a chocolate and vanilla cupcake to keep our energy levels up!





A few more interesting curiosities on sale at Hey Little Cupcake; from icing mixes to cake decorations, there was certainly plenty to take home and play around with in your own kitchen!





We’re no stranger to hard work! We got hands-on in the Hey Little Cupcake kitchen (under close supervision from Sarah’s team of expert bakers!)





During the making of the delectable Parma Violets cake, we had a fiddle with this contraption. By blending real ground Parma Violets chunks into this icing mix, a sweet, delicious flavour was created, with that unmistakable hint of Parma Violets to finish it off perfectly!




Phew! All that mixing was hard work, thankfully we had a tasty Double Dip Cupcake to enjoy with a coffee once we’d finished.





The clouds soon started to roll in, so we took one last snap of the Hey Little Cupcake cafe and got ready to hit the road!


Be sure to check back soon on the Swizzels Matlow blog for more great Swizzels Matlow adventures!